Easythumb is an alternative to the complete Webthumb API. It has a smaller featureset but only requires a single GET request and supports caching thumbnails on Webthumb's servers.


Easythumb has 2 rates, for non-cached thumbnails the charge is 1 credit. For cached thumbnails the rate is .05 credits per delivery.


  • Endpoint: http://webthumb.bluga.net/easythumb.php
  • Parameters:
    • user: Your Webthumb user_id available on your user page
    • url: Site to thumbnail, make sure to urlencode this
    • size: Size of the thumbnail to return small, medium, medium2, large
    • cache: The # of days old a cached version of the thumbnail can be - 1 to 30
    • hash: The security hash components are covered below

Security Hash

The security hash is an md5 hash encoded in hexidecimal containing the following concatenated together

  • current date: The current date in GMT/UTC formated as YYYYmmdd (in PHP this is the gmdate function)
  • url: The url to thumbnail not urlencoded
  • apikey: Your Bluga.net apikey


Any example request looks like:

Easythumb requests return an image and include the Content-type headers so they can be used directly in an img tag